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After graduating college, I moved to San Francisco to pursue a job in advertising. The job was awful, and it took me about a week to realize that I wanted a different sort of life. So I applied to and eventually, began an MFA program in creative writing and set out to launch a writing career. Two years later, by some fabled turn of events, I landed a dream job writing for a well-known blog, and kissed my old employer and all of my cranky clients goodbye.

Things were down right blissful for awhile. I thought, “Dang, I could actually do this whole 9-to-5 thing.” But when economic times got tough, I got laid-off. Since then I’ve been riding the unemployment train, hoping for work, continuing with classes, and writing on the side.

As it turns out, writing for school requires a certain level of thought and revision and critique; this blog is my break from all that.

Oh, and did I mention my live-in boyfriend, Mike, is unemployed, too. So there’s that. My life is not particularly glamorous, especially these days. But when you can have your boyfriend deliver the best homemade taco of your life straight to your desk while you’re BOTH in pajamas, who needs glamour?


Written by ditheringmiss

June 17, 2009 at 6:35 pm

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