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My Sign Can Suck It

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Mission Street around 3rd and 4th is a strange mish mash of high and low: Bloomingdales meets crackheads, suits meet partially naked people, etc. I know because I walk this gauntlet every evening on my way to the bus stop. My strategy: go to my happy place.

Walking the usual route, I was recently approached by a strange looking beatnik sorta fellow. He said, “I like your feet,” and pointed at my shoes.

“You like my feet?”

I was a bit perplexed. I was wearing a black dress, cream-colored tights and black pumps. My feet were not visible. But he kept pointing, and it dawned on me that it wasn’t my feet he liked, it was the way my feet looked with the tight/heel combo. Regardless, it was a strange thing to say. I offered an awkward thank you, and he stopped me again.

“Are you a Scorpio?” But he says it in a tone that implies that he’s positive I am. The feet reveal all, apparently. Only they don’t because I’m not.

“No. Gemini.”

“You like learning. You get bored easily.” He smiled. Wow, buddy. In all of my twenty-six years I’ve never managed to find out what my sign says about me. How thought-provoking of you to declare these two blanket statements about Gemini’s that no one has ever mentioned to me before.

I said, “You pegged me!” Then I offered a that’s-enough-of-this smile and turned away. I hate when people say stupid crap to me, and social grace requires I smile and nod, instead of saying, “you’re an idiot.” But what’s worse, all I could think about on the bus ride home is that I do get bored easily. I am not blessed with Gemini’s social abilities, but I’m lucky enough to get all her shitty bits. If you believe in that sort of stuff.

It’s been a curse since childhood. The boredom. How many times have I heard, “People who are bored are boring people.” I start projects, I get bored, and I never finish them. I get excited about something, and before it’s started, I’m sick of it. I hate this about myself. Although I’m much better at sticking with things now than I was as a child (only because guilt is a powerful motivator), I’m still plagued with boredom.

In fact, the one time I can count on not being bored is when I have the least to do (in life, not work, obviously). The luxury of time guarantees that I’ll find something to do that I actually care about, that the name of the game won’t be “how quickly can i get this over with?” [ed. note: Even reading this post over I feel bored.] So yea, I’m bored. It’s very possible that it’s because my youthful whims were too easily catered to, or because I was overstimulated by Growing Pains and Full House. But maybe, it’s my sign. I know. That stuff’s isn’t real. But sometimes I think it might be. If it is: dang it.

Are you cursed with any of your signs negative qualities?? Let’s commiserate. Entertain me!


Written by ditheringmiss

October 8, 2009 at 7:44 pm

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  1. wow, freaky man. i love it.


    October 12, 2009 at 12:14 am

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