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IM Conversations With Your Friends’ Friends

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Many of very best friends are both completely awesome and completely single. They don’t like this. When I say, “But you’re awesome.” They go, “So? Then why can’t I meet anyone?” Then I give them blank stares, because how the hell should I know. The whole dating- love-relationship-marriage world is completely incomprehensible to me.

But still, I wish I could fix it. What I wish is I had the hook up on the mature, attractive single men of the bay area. This is not the case. The only thing I can do is tell them that they’re awesome, even when they feel less so.

Some things I have learned NOT to say:

it’ll happen when you least expect it

just be patient

you should enjoy being single

at least you have your career

I think this is the reason why my single friends are still willing to hang out with me. I annoy them less than their other coupled friends. {i hope}

Case in point: A few days ago my friend, Abbey, sent me an instant message conversation she was having with her old college roommate, C. C. is the kind of girl who was always dispensing relationship advice down people’s throats before she’d really had a relationship. It was actually endearing at the time. Well, you can guess what she’s like now that she’s been in a relationship. Endearing? Not so much. In fact, she drives Abbey crazy some times . . .

C.: so, any hot men lately?
Abbey:  really?
C.: really!!!
Abbey: NO!!!!
Abbey: never happens
Abbey: never
C.: “you can never say never…” the fray
Abbey: the fray can suck it
Abbey: they don’t live my life

I found this hilarious. First, because it shows how a friend can easily misread another friend. And second, because Abbey tells The Fray to suck it. C’mon. That’s funny stuff. You can laugh. She doesn’t care. We laugh at her misery all the time together. It’s fun!


Written by ditheringmiss

September 1, 2009 at 10:01 am

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  1. amen! i’d like to add an f you fray!

    that made me feel better.


    September 2, 2009 at 2:45 am

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