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In response to my previous two posts, the world has decided to smite me.

I was going to write this post last night, and that’s how it was going to start. Then, I was going to tell you how cheesed I was about crappy things. But ultimately, I decided it wasn’t worth the effort. So instead, I’ve decided to laugh it off.

Last night I headed to my final class of the week, a graduate intro to women studies course. I wasn’t super excited about the class, but every creative writing student has to pick a concentration of sorts and this was going to be mine.

So I get there. It’s a very small room, with one very small table and about eight other women. As I take a seat the instructor turns to me.

Teacher:  Are you a women’s studies student?

Me: Um, no. Creative writing actually.

Teacher: Uh oh. Did you get my email?

Me {in my head}: Well let’s see, I’m sitting here right now and I think you’re about to tell me that I shouldn’t be, so, no, I probably didn’t get your freaking email because then I wouldn’t have wasted an hour driving here and two dollars on parking, now would I?!?!? Not to mention I wouldn’t have wasted this slot on this class and be missing an opportunity to crash other classes, right?!? BECAUSE THAT WOULDN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!

Me: No, I didn’t. What email?

Teacher: Shoot, well, they just closed off this class to anyone but women’s studies students.

Me: Are there any exceptions? Can I appeal?

Teacher: I’ll go confirm with Professor Surely Will Screw You Over.

Teacher exits. I sit there fuming.

Girl 1 {reaching into her bag}: I have a really smelly sandwich. If it bothers anyone let me know and I’ll eat it outside.

Girl 2 {sitting across the table from Girl 1 w/total bitch face}: Does it have nuts in it?

Girl 1: blank stare

Girl 2: I’m allergic to nuts.

Girl 1: It’s hummus. That’s beans, I think. I better not eat it. I’ll just go outside.

Girl 2 {pulls out an inhaler and acts completely put out}: It’s fine.

Girl 3: Wow, you can have an attack from that far away. How do you know the person in the seat before you didn’t eat nuts? Don’t you need an epi pen?

Me {in my head}: Everyone is crazy.

Teacher returns.

Teacher: Yea, you can’t take the class. I guess you better go. Sorry.

So I leave allergy girl, and smelly sandwich girl, and the girl who echoed my very own thoughts behind and head home.

Still angry.

Also, a wee bit grateful that I won’t be spending the semester with them.


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August 28, 2009 at 10:07 am

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