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Mike and I have been living together a year, and while I can’t say it’s been the easiest year for our relationship due to certain circumstances, I’m pleased to say that living together has actually been a cinch.

We’re both fairly easy-going and fairly neat. Neither of us has any strange decor demands and we’re both willing to do the dishes. All in all, I really can’t complain. But that just doesn’t sound like me, so . . .

  • I don’t like golf clubs in the entry way. I think they’re bulky and ugly. Sorry.
  • I leave empty glasses around the apartment, too, but they’re water glasses, not iced tea glasses. I don’t like old iced tea residue.
  • I understand the need for using the light over the stove while preparing dinner, but does it really need to be on at all hours of the day?
  • After a grocery shopping trip there is always one or two items left on the counter even though they go in the pantry or the closet. If I didn’t move them to their rightful place, they would stay on the counter forever.
  • Piles. The bane of my existence and the only thing on this list I openly complain about. I organize by tucking things away and tossing out. Mike piles. We have neat little piles stacked along the walls of the bedroom and on the desk. They never get smaller.

Don’t worry. I know when to pick my battles, and this stuff is rarely worth mentioning. Plus, I’m sure Mike has his own list, too, and number one would be my hair, everywhere.

{I just checked with him, and he confirmed that at the top of the list would indeed be my hair. But when I offered to get the Mom cut, he said, “no.” Hmm . . .  I guess it must not be that bad.}


Written by ditheringmiss

August 20, 2009 at 10:59 am

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