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Dating Doesn’t Compute

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Today my friend sent me this instant message, in reference to her experience with Match.com:

based on the number of times my profile has been viewed and the amount of winks/emails, my conversion rate seems low

Granted she’s in online advertising, so she thinks of things based on click-thrus and pageviews, but to refer to her own personal conversion rate, as if she’s a profile, not a person, is just . . . well, it upset me.

Another friend said to me, after  she hadn’t heard back from a recent string of dates, “I’m 0 for 2.”

Is this what dating has come to? Are we calculating our net losses against our percentage gained? I’m afraid that if we start to analyze everything, as if primed for entry into an Excel spreadsheet, we may just forget the things that can’t be added or reduced to numbers.

I know I do this, too. If I don’t check myself—if I don’t consciously block out what’s going on around me—I tend to get caught up in the numbers.

One five year long relationship plus two twenty-six years old minus two jobs equals, what?

But who’s numbers are they anways?  So let’s forget conversion rates, okay?

It only takes one.

{Sounds similar to something my mom used to say when she was giving her safe sex speech.}


Written by ditheringmiss

August 3, 2009 at 1:01 pm

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