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So I Can Continue to Avoid the Inevitable

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I am currently in the throws of a very serious game of procrastination. As such, I’m writing this post instead of working on the writing prompt I have due later this afternoon.

Actually, the procrastinating really began yesterday.  When I should have been writing and revising and being brilliant, Mike and I took a jaunt to the Musée Mécanique–all in the name of research, of course.

Have you heard of this place? It’s a museum for old mechanical instruments and games as well as vintage arcade games: a strange combination of the stuff my grandmother would have found as she bopped around Playland at the Beach and the best arcade games around, back when arcades were cool and we wore neon fanny packs with abandon.

I won’t be writing about it for my assignment (the one I’m not writing in order to write this), but it was quite entertaining.There were all sorts of whimsical sights to take in.

Misc. 005

Scary puppets.

Misc. 007

Old-timey scopes of various kinds.

Misc. 006

Scenes reenacted in miniature. Try to guess what this one was about.

Misc. 008

Strange viewfinders that reveal secrets for a dime.

{in case you’re wondering, I actually tried this one.  inside there was a little man sitting in a chair. very odd.}

Misc. 010

Of course we played the arcade games, too. There’s something really special about watching your grown man boyfriend revert back to a 13 year old. Really, truly special.


Written by ditheringmiss

July 17, 2009 at 12:21 pm

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