I don't know which way to go. Any advice?


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That’s a made up word, I know.

Want to know something? I never really got what genuine meant as an attribute applied to someone. The opposite of fake? OK. Still, how can I tell if someone is genuine? I’m only learning my own definition of “genuine” now. Most of us fall a bit short. Including me. I consider myself an opinionated person; and this trait somehow translates inaccurately as genuine. Or at least, I’d believed this about myself, until recently. Really, I am a giant faker A LOT of the time, more than I’m proud to admit. I mostly do it out of concern: of offending, of standing out, of isolating myself.

It doesn’t matter the reason. It’s a bad habit. It’s something I’ve realized I want need to change in myself.

It’s hard to come by, and it doesn’t  necessarily mean a person is sweet as pie. But it means they’re always being themselves. What an awesome quality.

To be yourself. To be without pretense. Imagine that. It seems nearly impossible

This is my official attempt: good, bad, ugly. Get ready.


Written by ditheringmiss

June 23, 2009 at 6:00 am

Posted in Me, Thoughts

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